Caustic Calcined Magnesite (CCM)

Turkey has the worlds highest quality Magnesite deposits.Gel type magnesite produce ( caustic calcined and Dead burned magnesite)our Country .For many years both in Raw ore and semi-finished goods have remained in the wide demand of countries.Big uncertainty in magnesite mining mineralization ,type and quality changes and risk,business machine ,size of capital allocated for construction machinery ,one of the most importante items of investment ,high fuel prices in the country ,legislation on the use of explosives required for production ,high explosive material prices .High road transport prices.Magnesite mine is used both as raw and colcined and dead burned ,after a large part of the magnesite mine in our country has been Dead Burned Magnesite and used as raw material of refractory industry 

Magnesite Mineral Hardness: 3.4-4.5 

Magnesite specific  gravity  :2.9-3.1 

Caustic Calcined Magnesia(CCM)is reactive form of MgO produced by firing magnesita  at temperetures betwen 800-1000 C ,Tecnodieci Calcined Magnesite produces and commercializes a great varietyof caustic calcined magnesia products for the widest spectrum of applicationsnamely agricultural ,industrial/technical chemical ,construction ,environmental,steel,refractories.Our productsare acknowledged as top quality 

Tecnodieci Caustic Calcined Magnesite( % on ignited basis )83-87-90-97

CCM can bu usedin;

Agricultural applications

Animal Nutrition 


Rubber and Plastic 

Mineral insulated

Refractory  Raw Material 

Glass İndustry

Magnesium chloride 

Pulp and paper

Sorel cement

Environmental applications

Glass industry


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