Sodium Feldspar

Feldspar:Feldspars are the most common mineral group found on the earth'scrust ,constituting approximately 60percent of it;nearly 90 percent of magmatic and metamorphic rocks and 15 percentof sedimentary rocks are feldspars.Tcalhis group is dividedinto alkali Na feldspars 

Sodium Feldspar using,Ceramic and Glass endustry very much ,Ceramic factory using Glaze,frit  and body formulation,in galze and frit using powder (-75 mic ) body formulation inside  using less than 1 cm ,good qualiy sodium feldspar must be min.NaO % 9.5 and very less irion and titanium volue (max. 0.5%)

Sodium feldspar rezerve % 70 in Turkey and mine aria Çine-Aydın location 

Chemical formula: Na2O3.AL203.2Si02(Albit-Na Feldspar)

Application: Ceramic,Glass,paint,plastics,cement,rubber ext.

Feldspars are the most abundant rock-forming minerals of the Earth's crust and the `ini form. General formulas XAl(1-2)Si and(3-2)O(8) according to the situation and X is sodium,potassium or calcium may be. The value of the K2O larger ones from K-feldspar or potash feldspar Na2O ratio is 7% larger than the ones in Na-feldspar, soda feldspar are defined by. Feldspars

There are changes in the crystallographic structure between these minerals. A large-scale monoclinic structures is found or resides, un cation k, na-rich ones triglycerides.
Alkali feldspars K feldspar solid solution between NA and K with the formation of the area where it is very narrow, to a certain extent, and some physical conditions you can take Na. In nature, K-feldspar, mostly na-feldspar as collateral and more, along with We-along with feldspar facility. Within this group formation and the need for the ceramic industry, it's the suspension that are most important.
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a) NaAlSi308 Sodium Feldspar: Sodium feldspar, of plajioklas calcium-free albite is a member of the group, the formula is naalsi308. In nature, albite, K-feldspar solid solutions do not constitute but the amount of K-feldspar along with areas. Al of the bits in terms of raw materials for ceramics and glass are very important.
b) Calcium feldspar Calcium feldspar and NA are shown in Table 1, we created according to the amount of isomorphous series.
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Feldspar and NA We form a series of isomorphous according to their contents.Feldspar is very common in nature, although a small number of raw material suitable for the formation of glass and ceramic industry includes. The reason for this, feldspar, especially K - feldspar formations, the vast majority of fine-grained rocks as a component of the presence of iron-containing minerals that are contaminated by it.
The degree of melting of feldspars for the ceramic and glass industry are of great importance, sizes, and plays a huge role in the degree of melting. Exact figures in publications, although there are other, albeit in very small amounts to be present in feldspar crystals isomorphic the degree of melting is changing.
1 - Potassium Feldspar :1200-1250 °C
2 - Sodium Feldspar :1150-1225 °C
3 - Calcium Feldspar :1500-1550 °C

Feldspar in the Earth's crust in many igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks exist in the composition of to a large extent, hence commercially from a variety of sources is sufficient if the ratio of these rocks the feldspar production or it is possible to use directly in the industry. Currently used as a source of commercial feldspar rock types.

1. Pegmatites : economic minerals, including potassium feldspar is found as the dominant mineral that contains and also other coarse-grained igneous rock. Generally, granite rocks are associated with granodiyorit composition. There are also metamorphic professors. Is used directly or subsequent to prosper in the industry.

2. Tablets : mineralogical, texture and composition in rock in the form of granite rock and vascular

Feldspar glass, ceramics, and welding electrodes used in coating industry is an important industrial material. Especially sodium and potassium feldspar in Feldspar of world production 60% Glass, 5% in Ceramic Industry, 5% rubber, plastic and is used as filler in paint industries. The consumer space is the greatest of feldspars produced in Turkey ceramics and glass industry. In addition, paint and welding electrodes. It is available for consumption in the plastic industry. Feldspar in ceramic industry in Turkey, product quality and production volume to compete with Europe in terms of tiles and ceramics and in the manufacture of feldspar, which is one of the basic raw materials of production and quality is of great importance. For this purpose, The Feldspars, the introduction of high-quality production, imports and exports of the Turkish ceramics industry is of great importance for the future.

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