Tecnodieci Magnesite:Magnesium Carbonate (MgCO3),Tecnodieci produce raw and Calcined magnesite ,magnesite is a compound of magnesium its chemical formula is MgCO3 and its color varies betwen white ,yellow and brown ,tecnodieci product supper white and %44-46 MgO ,ıron is less than%0.3  ,Si0 max :%3 .Magnesite has been used in flooring as abinder.ıt is as a lining furnacesand cement kilns.Raw magnesite is used for surface coating and as a fire is also used in ceramics,face powder,disinfectans,epsom salts and boiler wrappings.Magnesite is mostly an evaporite mineral found in sedimentary rocks .Magnesite is mined Turkey,China and Nort Korea and Australia in the world.There are magnesite reserves in Eskişehir,Kütahya,Konya and Erzinan City in Turkey

TECNODİECİ Magnesite ;produce more than 30 years raw magnesite and capacith isa more than 100.000 tons per years.Tecnodieci mining best of in Turkey ,reserve is more than 5 bilion tons ,Tecnodieci company produce and export more than 30 years all the world


Tecnodieci Magnesite TDM.S (Powder)



MgCO3       :min. 94,00 %                     CaO           :max. 3.00 %

MgO           :min. 44,00 %                     Fe2O3.       :max. 0.25 %

SiO2          :max. 3.50  %                     Grain size.  :0-63 microns 95 %

Packing Detail : Bigbag (500-700-1200 KG) and 25 kg bag 


Magnesite Product Lump in Bulk:

MgCO3         :min.90,00 %                           CaC03            :max.4.00 %

MgO             :min.42.50 %                            Fe203            :max.0,50 %

SiO2             :max.3.80  %                           Size               :0.5-20 cm 95 %

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