It has recently been recognized that wollastonite is an industrial mineral. Even II. There is no study of the economic significance of mineral processing until the end of the world war. An industrial mineral, wollastonite, is defined as natural calcium metasilicate (CaSiO3).

Wollastonit in recent times has been defined as an industrial mineral. Even II.Until the end of World War II a study on the operation of economic minerals is not available. Wollastonit which is an industrial mineral, natural calcium metasilikat is defined as a (CaSiO3).
The rapid progress in research, many industrial uses for mineral and minerals is used instead of traditional when wollastonit has proven to have many advantages. During manufacturing, the mixture of Valladolid unifying role in the American ceramics industry has created wide application areas. With the use of some of the many features include developing Wollastonit

CaCO3 SiO2 = CaSiO3 CO2 calcite quartz and low-temperature (450-600 ° c) wollastonite creates. Wollastonit formation due to CO2 emissions, the pressure rises, thus the need for the high temperature increases as the reaction to continue. During this time, the end broken and cracked due to the tendency to escape the CO2 of natural gas, the pressure is reduced. This reaction proceeds at low temperatures with pressure drop. But when the pressure rises, the reaction temperature does not increase suddenly. The reverse reaction takes place and the formation of calcite. Other minerals that are associated

Some Physical Properties Of Pure Valladolid
Hardness (according to Mohs scale) = 4,5 - 5
Specific gravity = 2,8 - 3,09 GR/cm3
Molecular Weight = 116
Melting Point = C 1540
The coefficient of thermal expansion = 6.5 x 10 6 mm / oC
In the water eriyebilirlig the = 0,0095 g/100 ml
Moisture content = max % 4
Refractive index a = 1.616 – 1.640
b = 1.628 – 1.650
g = 1.631 – 1.653
Crystal system = Monoclinic or triklinik
The Shape of the usual discovery = Needle-or blade-shaped masses of crystal defects
Are polimorf = wollastonit (triklinik) - induced low temperature
Pseudowollastonit (triklinik) = high-temperature occurring
Brightness = glassy, transparent, semi-transparent
Color = usually white, sometimes cream and grey

To Use The Peculiarities Of Mineralogical Properties Valladolid
Paint the construction of minimum 90% wollastonit 90%’ s shine on
The quality of plastic and filler with a minimum of 95% wollastonit, 90% minimum brightness
Ceramic and glaze quality Minimum 95% of wollastonit, 90% minimum brightness
The quality of the ceramic minimum 90% wollastonit, 4% fire loss, Max 0.3% Fe2O3
Metallurgical quality minimum 80% of wollastonit, 1% Al2O3, S / P ratio 0.02
The quality of mineral wool of minimum 20:1 aspect ratio

Ceramic industry : ceramic industry wollastonit main use is in the area. Ceramic materials in the production of Feldspar, calcite, Quartz, dolomite, raw materials such as talc, instead of the specific properties of the product wollastonit in its ability to be edited or ceramic are used. Cracking in tiles and sanitary ware in this industry wollastonit, compression, thermal expansion is additive in terms of prevention of breakage and desirable products. As the recipient of wollastonit other mines, has a greater potential compared to other materials. Wollastonit when it is used in the case of plastic, ceramic product, both dried when its resistance is very high. Wollastonit drying also accelerates moistness minimizes their expansion. Because baking increases the amount of shortening in the dough are involved in the process as fuel savings.
The problem of prescription use in the ceramic industry the most important change at the level of the desired quality and price of production are not wollastonit. Stove has run wollastonit currently known. Cookers Frit known in the construction of the desired purity of the ore, not the use of hampers and other sectors. But Kaman Kırşehir wollastonit refers to the formation of calcite mixed 8000000 tons of research in the area. Again, calcite formations in and around Yozgat wollastonit is thought to be mixed.Research work needs to be done on this topic. Wollastonit which occupied an important place in the industrial minerals market in the last fifteen years, common use areas, and to protect some unique features due to the importance in the coming years, especially in ceramic and plastic industries, including many industries, especially in the automotive industry will continue to be an important raw material. Tremolite and serpentine asbestos minerals, which is harmful to health that can be used in place of wollastonite in recent years have led to increased interest. On the other hand, ceramic, plastic, paint, paper, and the introduction of new techniques in metallurgy and the industry will have a positive impact on the growth in consumption in these areas. As a result, the research into wollastonit bed will speed up and what was known, however some will gain importance that are not operated in the old bed.

nput wollastonit 500-1000 tons per year is close to Turkey. Almost all of this amount is known to be used in the construction saniter secret in the factory. The price is fairly high, despite the use of its own unique properties due to the minerals cannot be waived. Reserves appropriate to concentrate research on the ability to use this raw material in ceramic industry will find. The castle Group, are forming around this raw material and ceramic can be used in the factory in Yozgat.
Paint Industry : Wollastonit in paint industry is used as an additive. Most of America is consumed in the ceramics industry in this area. In these industries typically paint the cladding of buildings

And agriculture in coating : the coating is used as an additive in the paper industry and also wollastonit. Synthetic calcium silicate, soil and limestone are used in agriculture as enhancing regulatory efficiency instead. Therefore it can be consumed for the same purpose, where wollastonite may be considered.
Glass industry : Wollastonit the mineral property due to the glass industry in brightness and durability with nylon it can be used in the molding industry. In North America, and in the manufacture of glass using limestone instead of sand wollastonit is done. In 1936, particularly shatter-proof and fire-resistant glass was used to obtain the derivatives.
Other application areas : wall and floor tiles Wollastonit also, with the abrasive disk in the manufacture of electrical insulators, refractory production of adhesives in sulayici is used.
The process of formation and mineralization in the world according to the variable methods are applied. Generally open about Wollastonit business is done. Turkey ore being produced, such as magnetic separation and flotation ore beneficiation processes are broken into a suitable grain size are subjected to. After the fine grinding process of the dried sample % SiO2 51-53, % 43-45 CaO, 0.5% Al2O3 0.2% Fe2O3, % 200 -50 mesh in size containing ore concentrate is packaged in 0.3 mg.
In previous years Turkey wollastonit production work, monitored and reviewed by the heads of the contact metasomatic ore formation. In this method, the irregular production cuts continued in the form of ore and the ore with perforation in the ignition the sewer were crushed. The distinction then is made of quality triage. Glass and ceramic industry is a process that is developed on the basis of. This system, wollastonite, quartz and feldspar must be formed in order to separate from and 200 g/m-tons at a rate of was used. Quartz and feldspar by flotation removed from the rest of % 93-98 wollastonit content was obtained.

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