Turkey has the world's highest quality Magnesite deposits.Gel type magnesite producedin( Caustic Calcined and Dead burned Magnesia) our Country.For many years both in raw ore and semi -finished goods have remained in the wide demand of countries .Big uncertainty in magnesite mining mineralization,type  and quality changes and risk ,business machine ,size of capital allocated for construction machinery ,one of the most importante items of investment,high fuel prices in the country.legislation on the use of explosives required for production ,high explosive material prices.High road transport prices .Magnesite mine is used both as raw and calcined and dead burned ,after a large part of the magnesite mine in our country has been Dead Burned Magnesite and used as raw material of refractory industry.

Magnesite Mineral, Hardness: 3.4-4.5, specific gravity of Magnesite: 2.9-3.1


   Tecnnodieci Magnesite:Magnesium Carbonate( MgCO3), Tecnodieciproduce raw Magnesite ,Caustic  Calcined magnesite (800-1000 C) and Dead Burned Magnesite (1450-1750 C )(DBM),Magnesite is a compound of magnesiumits chemical formula is MgCO3 and its color varies betwen white,yellow and brown ,Tecnodieci product super white quality and %44-46 MgO

irion is very less %0.3 ,Sio max :3% ,CaO max.2.0%. Magnesite has been used in flooring as is a lining furnacesand cement kilns.Raw magnesite is used for surface coating and as a fire retardant .it is also used in Ceramic Frit and Glaze formularion ansd also ceramic roller kiln Rullo,face powder,disinfectans ,epsom,salts and boiler wrappings.But Magnesite is also much quantity in Refractory sector.Mahnesite is mostly an evaporite mineral found in sedimentary rocks.Magnesite is mined İn the world  Turkey ,China,nord korea,Australia,There are Magnesite reserves in Eskişehir, Kütahya,Konya and Erzincan  City in Turkey

TECNODİECİ Magnesite ;produce more than 30 years all kind of Magnesite and our Mining Cpacity more than 100.000 tons per years,Tecnodieci mining best quality white magnesite in Turkey.Reserves is more than 5 Million tons ,Tecnodieci Company produce and export more than 30 years all in the world 


Tecnodieci Magnesite TDM.S (Powder)

MgCO3          : min.94,00%                       CaO          :max. 3.00%

MgO              :min.45,00%                        Fe2O3       :max.0.25%

SiO2              :max.3.50%                         


Grain Size. :63 micron 


Packing Detail. : Bigbag (1200 -1000-700-500 Kg) and 25 kg Bag 



Tecnodieci Magnesite Lump in Bulk :


MgCo3            :min.90,00 %.                 CaO              :max.4,00%

MgO               :min.42.50%                   Fe2O3           : max.0.50%

SiO2               :max.4,00%


Size   :0.5-20 cm %95 



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